This site’s aim is to provide some useful information about our town Montefrio. It is a personal view and the site is mainly in English only at this time since there are many very good sites in Spanish providing information on the town (see useful links in general information section).
Montefrio is situated in the North West of the province of Granada and is part of the Poniente Granadino. Although only 40 minutes from Granada airport, the town remains largely untouched by mass tourism and offers a friendly welcome to all its visitors. Here you will see numerous physical remains of when the area was the last frontier of Al-Andalus, the last area under Arab rule that was part of the Moorish Nazrid Kingdom which was restored to Spanish rule by Isabella and Ferdinand of Castilla-Leon in 1492. Set on a spectacular site, cradled between two rocky outcrops among rolling hills of olive groves, the town was declared an area of Historical and Artistic Interest in 1982. Visitors are able to see a variety of magnificent monuments as well as the remains of various civilizations in and around the town. All the services you require are in the town or nearby
The town has seen growth in the tourist sector in recent years and has received an unexpected boost by being named as one of the ten best views in the world by the National Geographic magazine. National Geographic on Montefrio
The town is more than just a view. As a visitor you can be guaranteed a warm welcome here and we hope this site will help you find your way around. Montefrio is a great location for a holiday in inland Andalucia and it is well placed for exploring other towns and sites of interest within a short distance.
The businesses mentioned here are those that we are familiar with but please let us know if you would like to call out any that are not mentioned here.