Eating out in Montefrio

Montefrio has many bars and restaurants - our map shows four that we can consistently recommend because we use them fairly often. The food is consistently good and the so is the service. However, there are many others that provide similar quality. It is always best to find your own favourite place.

During working days, most serve a daily menu (menu del dia) at lunchtime with a fixed choice of dishes for a very reasonable price. In Spain, the main meal tends to be eaten at lunch time. If you are given a menu (la carta) without being told about the daily menu be sure to ask.

Close to Montefrio and further afield there are good bars and restuarants. We can recommend the following four:

    • Curro Lucena on the road to Puerto Lope has a lovely location and good food and tapas.
    • El Barrio in Alcala La Real – very good value for money menu del dia
    • Casa Piolas in Algarinejo – you will not be disappointed in the quality of the food or the presentation, pricier than  most but worth it for a treat
    • Flati’s in Loja – stylish and friendly bar in Loja with excellent quality of food – local produce featured. Good value menu del dia.

Finally – you need to visit Los Diamantes in Granada – one of the best tapas bars in Granada. In Calle Navas which has many bars and restaurants. Los Diamantes has a new branch in Plaza Nueva but the original is the best – if only for the crush in the bar. Granada is famous for tapas – so many to choose from. Be careful in Granada – you can get ripped off in bars and restaurants. If you like a particular kind of food drop me a line. I know of a very good vegetarian restaurant and a seafood one but both are a bit off the beaten track. Be aware that vegetarianism is frowned upon in Andalucia (only joking) but there is a lot of emphasis on meat which is strange given the quality of the vegetables, pulses and fruits here. Goes back to hungrier times I think.  Also Granada and Jaen provinces are the only provinces in Spain that provide free tapas with drinks (you may not get them if you are drinking spirits depends on the bar).  Also you may only get crisps/nuts if the chef has not started work yet.  Granada is rightly proud of its tapas tradition.  You may be asked to pay for tapas in some bars in Granada – usually this would be for a package of drinks and tapas combined.  Elsewhere, you pay for tapas, although the portions are bigger (not always though).

Also a shout out for tostada con tomate.  A simple way of starting the day – toast spread with olive oil and grated tomato, maybe with a little jamon serrano – with coffee and orange juice sublime!