We are Nora Szponar and Alan Russell and have lived in Montefrio for the last 14 years.  Hailing from Scotland originally, we were both involved in IT project management for most of our careers until Alan took a career break, came to Spain and never went back.  We set up a project management company here.  Nora continued with IT management and Alan branched out into property and project management here.  Although we are both ‘retired’, Alan continues to provide management services and is available to help clients who are looking for properties (through a link with a well established Granada real estate agent) and other project work.  Collectively, we have made most of the mistakes that you could expect from two people who decided to change their lives and come to live in a country where we did not even speak the language, so we are more than happy to help folk avoid the pitfalls that can befall them.  All we can say it has been worth it and from the first day we saw Montefrio, we have been happy that we moved here.  No place is perfect and we have had our ups and downs.  We still love our native land and are proud Scots but Montefrio is our home and that’s where the heart is.