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Montefrio is located in Granada Province in the Autonomous Region of Andalucia Spain. Montefrio has an ancient heritage with a rich archeological history from Neolithic passage graves, Roman and Visigoth sites through the Moorish period and the reconquest by the Catholic Kings in the 15th century. The town was part of the frontier between Islamic and Christian Spain.
The population of the town at this time is around 6,000 people but it has been as large as 16,000.
The backbone of the economy is the production of extra virgin olive oil and the town is a participant in the DOP or Denominación de Origen Poniente de Granada scheme which provides a guarantee of the highest quality olive oil for consumers. The San Francisco cooperative in Montefrio is one of the largest cooperatives in Spain.

Historically, the town had a more mixed agricultural mix – but olive oil production is predominant. Asparagus and market garden produce are increasing features in the economy.

Montefrio is also well known for the quality of its local produce and is home to a world champion cheese produced by Queso Montefrio.

  • GPS – 37.323, -4.009
  • By Air – nearest airport is Granada – check Aena site for connections, currently only London City flights from the UK to Granada – Aena link Granada Airport . Malaga Airport is about 1.5 hours drive away by car and has links to most European countries Malaga Airport .
  • By Bus to Granada – Spain has excellent bus services between and in the major cities. If arriving at Granada Airport, there is an airport bus service which is currently 3 euros. If arriving at Malaga Airport there is a bus service to Granada which will take you direct to Granada bus station. Or you can take the metro from Malaga Airport to Malaga and pick up a more frequent service to Granada (with more stops). Check out the Alsa bus group website Alsa bus services. They also have a youth pass and a visit Spain pass.
  • By Bus to Montefrio – entirely possible but complicated – see separate section below
  • By train – Montefrio’s nearest train station is at Tocón but don’t hold your breath for a train. Not only has there not been a train stopping there for many years, there are currently no train services west of Antequera. The much and long anticipated AVE (high speed) train service to Granada has caused the closure of any train service to Granada. Passengers coming by train to Granada have to get off at Antequera and finish the journey to Granada by bus.

The climate in Montefrio is mediterranean but bear in mind that the town stands at 800 metres above sea level. This means that winters can be surprisingly cold. In the time that we have lived here, the weather has been changing. Summers are becoming very hot with very little rain between May and September. Hot means hot – high 30’s centigrade is normal and strong sun factor protection is needed – I use a complete sun block – I avoid going out in the sun at all during summer! Adapting to the habit here of rising early to get the benefit of the cool air in the morning, siesta in the afternoon and emerging at sunset will see you cope a little better with the heat. Spring is much shorter in duration. Winters have become generally milder and drier – but temperatures can drop well below zero at night. We have our central heating on typically from November up to and including March. However, winter can be one of the best times to visit Montefrio because we often have bright sunny days with temperatures in the high teens or 20’s C which is perfect walking weather (this is true of autumn and spring as well). Winter also brings a lot of migratory birds. The official government weather agency is Aemet.


The emergency call number in Spain is 112. Montefrio has a health centre map ref D8 on the street map that can deal with most minor health emergencies. More serious problems e.g. broken bones will be transferred to hospitals in Granada. Granada, as a medical training university, has an excellent range of hospitals. Make sure that you have the appropriate health insurance or for European Community members, the European Community Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
There are four pharmacies in Montefrio.

  • Ana Maria Ca Perez – Calle Cruz del Pozo, 5 – tel 958336476
  • Antonio F. Garcia Baena Calle Alta, 95 – tel 958336306
  • Dulce Maria Lorenzo Carrasco – Calle Alta, 13 – tel 958336075
  • Jose Manuel Morales Ortega – Calle Ramon y Cajal, 2 – tel 958336083

Out of normal hours, one pharmacy provides an emergency service on a rota basis – there is a notice on each pharmacy.

There is a daily bus service between Montefrio and Granada. The bus does not travel the same route to Granada at all times so be aware if you want to stop off at towns in between. The most direct route is via Puerto Lope but there is only one journey per day via this route. The bus is operated by Alsa – website here. On Sundays, the route operates via Tocon, using the A335 out of Montefri­o. All services from Granada now start at the bus station. You can get off the bus at the various stops en route. There are only two stops in Granada itself, a stop just after the roundabout on Av. Andalucia turning into Av. Franciso Ayala and the bus station which is also not in the centre of town on Av. Juan Pablo II 33. There are many connecting local buses which will take you into the centre of town. It is a good walk from the bus station to the centre(OK in seasons other than summer). Taxis are also cheap in Granada.

You can buy tickets online for buses on the Alsa website but not for the Montefrio Granada route. However, once you have bought a ticket for a specific bus, if you miss that bus you will have to pay again (this is true for all bus journeys in Spain). I buy my ticket on the bus (keep the outward ticket because you will get a reduction on the return journey). In Montefri­o, you can pick the bus up in Plaza Lavaderos map ref J5 or near the fountain in Avenida de La Paz. The buses are not frequent – see the current timetable below. However, if someone can drop you off or pick you up, there are more frequent services from Puerto Lope because it is on the main route between Granada and Cordoba, Alcala and Priego de Cordoba. These routes can be busy but you can book tickets on these routes online. The current timetable is shown below. Bear in mind that on public holidays there may be no service or a Sunday service, so check the Alsa website if you are travelling on a bus.

Granada Montefrio Days Note
08:30 09:20 Workdays Via Puerto Lope
 12:45 14:15 Workdays Via Huetor Tajar
 13:00 14:15 Sun Via Illora
 14:30 16:00 Sat Via Huetor Tajar
 19:30 20:45 Sun Via Illora
 19:30 21:00 Workdays Via Huetor
Montefrio Granada Days Note
06:50 08:05 Workdays Via Huetor Tajar
 08:00 09:15 Sat Via Huetor Tajar
 09:45 11:00 Workdays Via Puerto Lope
 15:00 16:30 Workdays Via Huetor Tajar
 15:30 16:40 Sun Via Illora

Like many countries, tourist spots can attract criminals – this is especially true in the larger cities. We have found that Montefrio is a secure place to live and relatively crime free. However, it is not like the ‘good old days’ where doors could be left unlocked. Normal precautions should be taken with valuables. Crimes against persons are thankfully very rare in our town.

Normal opening hours in Montefrio are usually 09:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 20:00 Monday to Friday. 09:00 – 14:00 Saturday. Some larger supermarkets open in the evening on Saturday. Shops are usually closed on Sundays and public holidays.

There are 3 petrol stations in Montefri­o. Cruz Altera on the Illora road just outside Montefri­o- open from 08:00 to 22:00 7 days a week. Repsol on the Alcala road near the health centre – open from 08:00 to 22:00 6 days per week (Sunday excluded). Milanos – on the Algarinejo road outside Montefri­o – open from 08:00 to 22:00 7 days a week.

The Tourist Office is in Plaza de España,1
Tel: 958 336 004

Spain was renewing its rail infrastructure before the crisis hit and Granada has been long waiting connection to the high speed train network (AVE). It has also been long waiting a new metro system – but that is another story. There are no rail links from Montefri­o – although there is a very picturesque train station in Tocon which used to serve the town. Trains do not stop there either. Having said that, train travel in Spain is a pleasure and there are many wonderful trips that you can enjoy – check out the Renfe national rail network site for more information.

Because of the size of Spain (second largest country in Western Europe) there are some fascinating long distance routes. For further information on train travel in Europe and beyond my favourite site is Man in Seat 61. If you are a resident of Spain and 60 or over you can purchase a Tarjeta Dorada (Golden Ticket) for a small fee which entitles you to big discounts on train travel. If you are non resident then you can purchase travel passes on Eurorail website here. You cannot buy a Eurail pass for the country you are resident in but you can purchase passes for other European countries.

Deutsche Bahn – the German Rail company have a great mobile app which you can download which lets you plan rail journeys right across Europe (not just Germany).

If you are arriving at Malaga Airport it has a new metro link into Malaga which is very quick and if you get off at the end of the line at Estacion Maria Zambrano, the bus station is just around the corner from the train station (be careful at the bus station – I nearly had my bag snatched there.)

  • The Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) is located in Plaza de España, 7. Normally only open up till 14:00. The website is a very useful resource on Montefrio Montefrio Town Hall Site – Spanish